The Beautiful Countryside of Cavaillon, Haiti

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankful to be back in Haiti again...

Arrived mid-day on Saturday after a 24-hour delay due to Hurricane Tomas.  Lots of flooding seen from the air but streets, though muddy, were fairly dry when we left the airport.  Fortunately the effects of the hurricane were not as bad as expected in Port-au-Prince.  Immediately after our arrival, John was assigned to fly two MAF charter flights to Jacmel.  I spoke with Pere Colbert who said things were not so bad in Cayes but our church community in Cavaillon had received alot of water and many trees were down. Weather premitting on Monday morning we may try to take a charter flight to Les Cayes.  When the daily MAF flights were finished we headed up to our "home" for the night with Jason and Wil Krul, along with their son, Jayden, one of our young MAF missionary family friends that graciously welcome us to stay at their home while we are in Port au Prince.

Sunday morning Jason and John received a call to head out to the airport for a possible emergency medical flight to Port-de-Paix where several hundred additional cases of cholera have been reported.  Wil, Jayden and I planned to attend Quesquiya Church services.  After church we visited the site of the housing project that MAF has sponsored and Jason has coordinated for the residents of a small tent city in the area.  The people were very happy to see Jason and welcomed us to see their new colorful homes.  So far MAF has funded constructrion of 10 homes and supporters from Jason's home church in Canada will be funding 16 more homes.